Logo Design

TriTech Designs has been designing logos for clients for five years. TriTech Designs specializes in designing logos tailored to highlight your business. TriTech Designs’ services guarantee you will receive a unique concept containing no clip art or stock images, a dedicated project manager, all design files retained indefinitely, with lifetime support.

You will receive 3 difference initial concepts to choose from, with 5 rounds of edits for concept chosen.

Did you know there are different types of logos? 

ABSTRACT – Abstract logos are abstract and geometric in design. For example, Panera Bread.

EMBLEM – Emblem logos are a badge, or a seal. For example, Harley Davidson.

LETTERMARK – Lettermark logos are the initials of a company in a logo, rather than the entire name. For example, General Electric.

PICTORIAL – Pictorial logos is an icon or graphic that is used as the design. The logo is so powerful, that the mark by itself is recognizable. For example, Nike.

WORDMARK – Wordmark logos focus on the business name only. For example, Coca Cola.

MASCOT – Mascot logos have a character in them. For example, Wendy’s.

COMBINATION – Combination logos consist of a wordmark or lettermark, with a pictorial, abstract, or mascot mark with it. For example, Arby’s.

What type of logo appeals to you?

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